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Who is Scott cawthon?

Scott Cawthon is a maker of many wonderful games, such as There Is  No Pause Button, Sit N' Survive, and the Five Nights at Freddy's  franchise. He is a Texan and is 43 year (MORE)

Why did Louis Riel kill Thomas Scott?

NOTE: Louis Riel did not personally kill Thomas Scott.  Scott was executed by firing squad.    Thomas Scott was in jail because he was captured while leading an  arme (MORE)

Who is Winfield Scott?

Winfield Scott is arguably the greatest general America ever produced. He first came to command American force in the War of 1812 and finished his military career when he was (MORE)

Why did Louis riel executed thomas Scott in red river?

NOTE: Louis Riel did not kill Thomas Scott. On February 18, Major Charles Boulton and his men, passing near the Fort, were arrested by Riel's men, 48 were captured, including (MORE)

Why did thomas Scott get killed?

He Died Because he protested Louis Riel's Provisional Government And Threated to escape jail and kill Riel, Hit His Guards, calls the metis a bunch of cowards, then insults th (MORE)

What did Robert Scott do?

Captain Scott was a British Naval Officer who is known for his  exploration of the Antarctic Regions twice. He led an expedition to  the South Pole in 1911, and perished the (MORE)

Is ben Scott the son of bon Scott?

Yes according ti reliable sources within circles connected to early ac/dc and bon Scott's real family.. certain fans have claimed different but this has been shown to have no (MORE)

Why did Louis Riel send Ambroise Lépine to kill thomas Scott?

Louis Riel was head of the Red River Government put into place after the residents were "sold" to Canada in a land deal with the HBC. Thomas Scott, a Canadian, believed that (MORE)