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What is the price of a Lamborghini?

Depends on the year and type. Assuming you are talking about a new one 2010+ you will spend anywhere from $230,000 on a LP-640 [Gallardo] and $450,000 [Murciealgo] on a LP-650 (MORE)

What is Price and price elasticity of demand?

Price refers to the dollar value of a product, and price elasticity of demand is a measure of the responsiveness of consumers or purchasers to a change in a product's price. T (MORE)
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What is the price of suboxone?

Subs on the Streets in Baltimore are around $5 a piece. Now if u r going 2 buy them wholesale from like a crack head or some1 who really doesn't take them, if u buy the whole (MORE)

What is price competitors?

Price competitors sell the same or a similar product for around the same price as yourself. Therefor they provide your customers with an alternative source of supply for the (MORE)