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What is price skimming?

  Price skimming is pricing policy by the producer to sell his product with initially for high price and then at decreasing rate over the time.
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What is the price of a Lamborghini?

Depends on the year and type. Assuming you are talking about a new one 2010+ you will spend anywhere from $230,000 on a LP-640 [Gallardo] and $450,000 [Murciealgo] on a LP-650 (MORE)

What is Price and price elasticity of demand?

Price refers to the dollar value of a product, and price elasticity of demand is a measure of the responsiveness of consumers or purchasers to a change in a product's price. T (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What is core price What is Sell price what is list price?

The core price is a form of deposit that the customer pays until the old parts are returned, while sell price is the price offered for sale. Lastly, the list price which is si (MORE)
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Is Thommie Gillow related to the Gillow furniture makers?

Yes, she is the grand daughter of Joseph Gillow who recently died and on the Gillow family tree under her real name, Thomasin Gillow.
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What is the price of suboxone?

Subs on the Streets in Baltimore are around $5 a piece. Now if u r going 2 buy them wholesale from like a crack head or some1 who really doesn't take them, if u buy the whole (MORE)

What is the price of arowana?

This depends on the type of arowana. Australian types can go to 250 bucks. Asian types are endangered so the probably cost more. Silver arowanas are the most common and cheape (MORE)

What is price competitors?

Price competitors sell the same or a similar product for around the same price as yourself. Therefor they provide your customers with an alternative source of supply for the (MORE)