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Can thorium kill you?

Thorium is only weakly radioactive, emitting alpha particles which can barely penetrate human skin, thus exposure to it externally could not kill you. Thorium could be dangero (MORE)

Who discovered thorium?

Jons Jakob Berzelius (Sweden) in 1815 observed a new oxide in a mineral and proposed the name thorium for the metal. In 1824 Berzelius renounced to this hypothesis. But in (MORE)
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What is the price of thorium?

About $5,000/kg, though that could drop to as little as $10/kg once it is collected on a far larger, more deliberate scale. Roughly £3,000
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What are the hazards of thorium?

Hazards and Health Considerations: Thorium presents both a toxic and radiological hazard. Toxicologically, it causes heavy metal poisoning similar to lead or the uranium isoto (MORE)

What is a thorium reactor?

Thorium can be used as fertile material (as ThO 2 ) in nuclear power reactors; is a precursor of the fissile isotope 233 U. This type of reactor is called a breeder: the r (MORE)

Is Thorium renewable?

No. It's better than renewable. The definition of renewable is that after the energy is consumed that the source can be replaced. But the amount of energy in Thorium is so den (MORE)

What is thorium used for?

Thorium can be used as a nuclear fuel through breeding to  uranium-233.   Thorium is used in gas mantels for camping lamps and the old gas  lights used before electric l (MORE)
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Where is thorium present?

  Thorium is abundantly present in India. especially in the west coast of the India. About 70% of the world's total thorium is present in India.
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