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Is Thorium renewable?

No. It's better than renewable. The definition of renewable is that after the energy is consumed that the source can be replaced. But the amount of energy in Thorium is so den (MORE)

What is thorium used for?

Thorium can be used as a nuclear fuel through breeding to  uranium-233.   Thorium is used in gas mantels for camping lamps and the old gas  lights used before electric l (MORE)

What are the hazards of thorium?

Hazards and Health Considerations: Thorium presents both a toxic and radiological hazard. Toxicologically, it causes heavy metal poisoning similar to lead or the uranium isoto (MORE)

What is thorium?

Thorium: symbol Th, natural chemical element, solid, metal, radioactive, atomic number 90, actinoids family. Thorium can be used in nuclear power reactors - as precursor of 23 (MORE)

What classification is thorium?

Thorium is an natural chemical element, radioactive, metal, actinoid, atomic number 90, atomic mass 232,0381.
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Who are the Thorium Brotherhood?

The Thorium Brotherhood are a splinter faction of the Dark Iron Dwarven clan. During the war of three hammers, the three major Dwarf clans (Wildhammer, Ironforge and Bronzebea (MORE)
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How hard is thorium?

Thorium is not hard: - Mohs hardness: 3 - Vickers hardness: 350 MPa - Brinell hardness: 400 MPa
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What are facts about thorium?

Some properties of thorium are: - melting point: 1 750 0C - boiling point: 4 788 0C - atomic number: 90 - density: 11,724 g/cm3 - molar heat capacity: 26,23 J/mol.k (MORE)

What is Pythagoras thorium?

Therium* it is a2 + b2 = c2 c is the hypotenuse of a triangle and the a and b are the other 2 sides. The triangle must have a 90 degree and angle for this too work