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Why do Muslims throw stones at Mina?

Most of the rituals the Muslims perform during Hajj are in the memory of Hazrat Abraham (Ibraheem AS). In his dream, Hazrat Ibraheem saw that he was sacrificing his son Hazrat (MORE)
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What do Muslims throw stones at on the hajj?

Whilst on Hajj (Pilgrimage-The Religious Journey A Muslim must take) one of the things Muslims do is collect stones and throw them at thee pillars. These three pillars represe (MORE)

Can you claim squatters rights in the house where you live when ex wants to throw you out?

Not all places and countries have squatters rights, those that dohave them vary. You need to check local legislation for this. Simple answer: In the U.S. you can't. The offi (MORE)

What is the person that throws the stone in curling called?

All members of the curling team throw stones. Every end, they take turns throwing 2 stones each in the order of: Lead, Second, Third/Vice/Mate, Skip. The person who is curre (MORE)
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What is the meaning of stones throw away?

  The meaning of "a stone's throw away" is just that. However far you could throw a stone is the distance usually about 20-25 feet.
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People who live in a glass house shouldn't throw stones?

The meaning is: Don't do things to other people, which would be offensive to you if someone else has done it. I.E. if I live in glass house, and someone would throw a stone at (MORE)
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Why the glass of water overflowed if stone dropped?

If the glass is even partially filled a stone thrown at sufficient speed will splash water below the kinetic energy of the stone will be dissipated by transferring it to the w (MORE)