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What is thought?

Thought is commonly thought of as, loosely speaking, something that is "in your head. They are what you think about because you want to have a good thought most of the time." (MORE)

What is a 'thought experiment'?

The first line of the included link provides clues to the usefulness of imagination and how it shapes both how we learn and epiphany. Thought experiments are devices of the im (MORE)
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What is good thoughts and bad thoughts?

A good thought is that you feel good about something like you want to get flowers for someone. A bad thought is that you might want to do something ad to someone.

Who thought of the iPad?

it was initially thought by Steve jobs, the guy under everything apple, we know it was designed by Jonathan Ive, chief in hardware design for apple
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What can DNA be thought of as?

Depends what level of education you're in... Age 5-12: The stuff in blood. Age 13-18: Instructions for cells to reproduce (analogue to a computer program) resides in the n (MORE)