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Plural of thousand?

The plural of thousand is thousands.   e.g. There are thousands of locusts in that field.   When used to denote a particular number, it remains as just 'thousand', e.g. (MORE)
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Two thousand and nine or two thousand nine?

Technically, when writing out a number with words, "and" should only be used to signify a decimal place, for example, "twenty-one and seventy-five hundredths" for 21.75. Thi (MORE)
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Which is correct - 'Hundreds of thousands of people' or 'hundreds and thousands of people'?

Hundreds of thousands of people! Answer hundreds and thousands of  people Answer As you can see, both alternatives are used, and  probably they are equally correct. I would (MORE)

Abbreviation for thousand?

Abbreviations for "thousand" are the letters K (probably from kilo-) and M from Roman Numerals.   In slang "thousand" is often termed "grand", "thou", "g's", and "clicks (MORE)
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How do you round 68354 to the nearest thousand and ten thousand?

Rounded to the nearest thousand, this is equal to 68000. Rounded to the nearest ten thousand, this is equal to 70000.
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Is thousand noun?

Yes, the word 'thousand' is a noun, a word for a quantity  between nine-hundred ninety-nine and one-thousand and one; a unit  in a series following unit number nine-hundred (MORE)
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Is a 100 thousand more or less than 680 thousand?

Since both are in units of thousands, disregard that- they are equal. You now have 100 and 680. Which one is larger?
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