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Abbreviation for thousand?

Abbreviations for "thousand" are the letters K (probably from kilo-) and M from Roman Numerals. In slang "thousand" is often termed "grand", "thou", "g's", and "clicks". So: (MORE)

Plural of thousand?

The plural of thousand is thousands. . e.g. There are thousands of locusts in that field. . When used to denote a particular number, it remains as just 'thousand', e.g. S (MORE)

What is a thousand KB?

The smallest value of a computer storage value is bit which is a binary digit. Binary digits values are express in two form only 0 and 1 ,Since bit is too small and cannot hol (MORE)
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Is thousand an adverb?

It not an adverb. Its a noun or determiner (number used as anadjective, e.g. thousand eyes).