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Two thousand and nine or two thousand nine?

Technically, when writing out a number with words, "and" should only be used to signify a decimal place, for example, "twenty-one and seventy-five hundredths" for 21.75. Thi (MORE)

How do you write fifteen thousand dollars?

Either, $15,000. Or, $15000. The comma just makes it look neater, and is more generally accepted.
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How do you round 68354 to the nearest thousand and ten thousand?

Rounded to the nearest thousand, this is equal to 68000. Rounded to the nearest ten thousand, this is equal to 70000.
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2465 rounded to the nearest thousands is?

I belive that 2465 rounded to the nearest thousands is 2000 thousand. If the second number is 5 and up, it would be 3000 thousand. But it is "4", so it is 2000 thousand.
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How do you round 345982 to the nearest thousand?

hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens ones   Above is the order of the place values so for the number above it  would go like this:    3 4 5 9 8 (MORE)
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Is thousand noun?

Yes, the word 'thousand' is a noun, a word for a quantity  between nine-hundred ninety-nine and one-thousand and one; a unit  in a series following unit number nine-hundred (MORE)
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How do you round to thousands?

When rounding to a specific place, take a look at the digit  immediately to the right of the target, in this case, the hundreds  place. If that digit is 4 or less, zero ever (MORE)
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Is a 100 thousand more or less than 680 thousand?

Since both are in units of thousands, disregard that- they are equal. You now have 100 and 680. Which one is larger?
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