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What are threads?

Answer . \nMany programming languages, operating systems, and other software development environments support what are called "threads" of execution. Threads are similar to ( Full Answer )
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What is thread?

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What is a thread?

a very small twist of flax,wool,cotton, silk or other fibrous substance, drawn out to considerable length; a compound cord consisting of two or more single yarns doubled, or j ( Full Answer )
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Info on thread?

Inasmuch as this question was originally placed in the Opera category, can we assume that you are looking for information about "opera thread?" If so, check the link below. ( Full Answer )
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What are rolled threads what are cut threads?

I believe you are talking about dies and taps- which have a sort of inward cut Maltese Cross appearance, or cloverlead appearance in the stock, which is placed in a holder- an ( Full Answer )
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What is threading and multi-threading?

To understand what a thread is in relation to Java, an understanding of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is needed. The JVM is like a software version of a Computer, and in the ( Full Answer )
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What is the use of thread?

Thread is the name for a length of fibre that is smaller than rope or yarn. It can be woven to make clothing, bedding and furniture, or any other fabric, such as netting, sail ( Full Answer )
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How does a thread micrometer measure threads?

Mechanically by a fixed reference. One turn of the barrel equals 25 thousandths of an inch- sometimes called 25 mills ( do not confuse with milimeters) therfore it can be read ( Full Answer )
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Angle of thread for different thread?

The angle of a thread of a screw is an angle between the threadsand it is the defining factor for the shape of the screw thread.