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Why was Hitler a threat?

Because he was trying to wipe out a whole race and almost got away with it. . Fundamentally, Hitler's Germany was a threat due to its expansionist foreign policy - like many (MORE)

What is threat?

threat means to be abused by someone or something hurtful that someones says about you. Another View: A threat is a communicated intent to inflict harm or loss on another (MORE)

Threats can be internal or external threat?

threats can be internal and external. Internal threats are like deseases that people get especially for workers in a factory, they will affect the business and a loss of w (MORE)
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What threats do wolves have?

Wolves threats r hunters and bears.. They only fight bears to protect there food or pups. Also wolves are threats to other wolves.

What is a threat to a heron?

The primary threat for all Herons is the elimination of habitat. Great Blue Heron adults have no natural predators though may have been rarely killed by bobcats, coyotes, or g (MORE)
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What are the threats to the Arctic?

The threats to the environment are growing plants. They die because there is no mud or moisture. it will get no water from the ground and that is one of the threats to the env (MORE)
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What is or are the threat?

A threat is an "or else" statement Here are some examples: You better listen to me or else... You better not mess with me or else... You better do well on your tes (MORE)