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What is threat?

threat means to be abused by someone or something hurtful that someones says about you. Another View: A threat is a communicated intent to inflict harm or loss on another or (MORE)

Threats can be internal or external threat?

threats can be internal and external. Internal threats are like deseases that people get especially for workers in a factory, they will affect the business and a loss of wor (MORE)

What is the Shiite Threat?

there is no threat wether sunni muslim or shia muslim . they are  two main islamic sect which have main common beliefs as belief in  Allah, his prophets and messengers, the (MORE)
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What are the wolf's threats?

We are the treats. We hunt them trap them, plow down their homes, pollute the waters. Some of the wolves' prey can kill a wolf, such as the large moose, or an elk, but they (MORE)

What is the Y2K threat?

The Y2K threat isnt a threat, and it wasn't a threat. This was when  the next milennium occurred causing distruption in many digital  devices, commonly computers. In the lat (MORE)

What are elephant threats?

The threat to the African elephant presented by the ivory trade is unique to the species. Larger, long-lived, slow-breeding animals, like the elephant, are more susceptible to (MORE)
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What is a implied threat?

An implied threat is a threat that is masked under a deceiving  interpretation by the person making it. One example could be  someone "getting something that they have comin (MORE)
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What is or are the threat?

A threat is an "or else" statement Here are some examples: You better listen to me or else... You better not mess with me or else... You better do well on your test or (MORE)