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What is a threaten?

According to threaten means...........               threat·en   [thret-n] Show IPAverb (used with object) utter a threat a (MORE)

Why are platypuses threatened?

The platypus, although found only in the country of Australia (which includes the island state of Tasmania) is not endangered but it is classified as common but vulnerable (MORE)

What species are threatened?

There are many, many threatened species. Some are the Harp seal, the Giant Panda, and the Polar Bear. Cape PlatannaChinese Giant SalamanderDesert Slender SalamanderHouston To (MORE)

Who is threatening the rainforest?

You, me, and the rest of humanity. We are the only threat. One of main reasons for Amazon forest clearing is not for wood, they just burn that, but to create vast cattle ranch (MORE)