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What is jewels in a wristwatch?

Industrial-grade or synthetic rubies are used to make a watch movement's bearings. A pair of these ruby 'jewels' hold the ends of the staff (axle) for each major wheel (gear); (MORE)

Why do watches have jewels?

  Answer   The "jewels" in a jeweled movement watch are not the ones that you see on the outside. Polished jewel "bearings" are created for the moving parts inside t (MORE)
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What is the three brothers jewel?

"The Brethren" was a jewel sold by a family in Europe called the Fuggers to Edward VI, although Henry VIII may have started the negotiations which led to its purchase. It appe (MORE)

What is the three jewels in Buddhism?

The Three Jewels are also known as the "Gachchamis". The first of these, Buddha, is stated as Buddham, sharanam, gachchami and means "I go to the feet of the Awakened One". Th (MORE)

What are clock jewels?

Clock jewels are the bearings used in expensive spring-wound clocks and watches, so called because they use a natural or synthetic jewel surface such as ruby or sapphire.

What are the crown jewels?

"Crown jewels" are the various crowns, necklaces, pendants, and implements that traditionally belong to the monarch or royal family of a kingdom. They are usually ornately for (MORE)
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Where is jewel kilcher from?

She grew up in Alaska, got famous while living in San Diego, and now lives with husband Ty Murray in Stephenville, Texas.

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