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What is the symbol for three phase power?

It is like the letter O with a / through it. This is the symbol Ø. With a number (1) 1Ø for single phase and with a number (3) 3Ø for three phase.
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What are the advantages of three phase to single phase electric power distribution systems?

This Answer is the same as the for the Question 'Why is power for a country's mains grid usually generated as 3-phase electricity not single phase?' Single phase power has a (MORE)

What are the advantages of three phase to two phase electric power distribution systems?

There are two types of two-phase system, a four-wire system and a three-wire system. Like a three-phase system, a two-phase system has the advantage of producing a rotating ma (MORE)
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How do you measure three phase power?

You can use wattmeters to measure three-phase power. According to 'Blondel's Theorem', you can use one less wattmeter than there are conductors connecting the load to the supp (MORE)

How can you convert household AC electrical power from single phase to three phase?

For low-power appliances you can buy an electronic power  inverter which produces 3-phase outputs from a 1-phase (single  phase) service.    Such inverters are not ch (MORE)

What is a three-phase electrical system?

Three phase allows power to be transmitted efficiently using three  live wires. The voltages in the wires reach the peak of the AC  cycle in turn, which allows each wire to (MORE)

What is the main advantages of chosing single phase electric power systems over three phase system?

Your question should really be the other way around, because three-phase systems have a major advantage over single-phase systems because, for a given load, they use around 25 (MORE)