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What is the symbol for three phase power?

It is like the letter O with a / through it. This is the symbol Ø. With a number (1) 1Ø for single phase and with a number (3) 3Ø for three phase.
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Why do you use three phase power?

For any given load, a three-phase system uses less volume of copper than a single-phase system and, so, is more economical. If you mean "Why are there two different power sy (MORE)

Does an unbalanced load on a split phase electrical power service affect the power measurement?

I assume you are referring to (in the US) standard 120V/240V single-phase service?   The answer is that unbalanced power (more current on one of the hot wires than the othe (MORE)

How can you convert household AC electrical power from single phase to three phase?

For low-power appliances you can buy an electronic power  inverter which produces 3-phase outputs from a 1-phase (single  phase) service.    Such inverters are not ch (MORE)
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What is the difference between single phase and three phase power?

Single phase has two line voltage wires, separate from each  other; three phase power has three line voltage wires, actually  saving more energy and thus money.  +++   (MORE)

Why use a three-phase AC power system?

3-phase is used for high power loads and also for transmitting  power over distance. This is done for efficiency and/or to use less  wire for the required performance.   (MORE)

Can use a three phase power to run a single phase equipment?

Yes, of course. A single-phase load is connected between any two lines of a three-phase, three-wire, system, or between any two lines or between any one line and the neutral (MORE)

What is the main advantages of chosing single phase electric power systems over three phase system?

Your question should really be the other way around, because three-phase systems have a major advantage over single-phase systems because, for a given load, they use around 25 (MORE)