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How do you rough plumb a house After my main water line comes into the hotwater tank with three quarter piping how much more three quarter piping do I need befor I switch to half inch piping?

  the rule is 1/4" more per every three branches. In other words, you should know how many hot water appliances does the water heater feed. Ex, 1/2" copper pipe is enought (MORE)
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What is three quarters of 24?

To figure that out you first ask, "What number is three fourths of twenty-four?" Then you have to turn that question into an equation. To do this, you break down the questio (MORE)

What does three quarters of a inch mean?

The inch is a unit of measuring length. 3/4 inch is a fraction of the base unit, equal to 0.75 inches, or think of it as halfway between 1/2 inch and a full inch. If you've w (MORE)
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What is one third of 1 inch and three quarters?

Convert the mixed number to an improper fraction, multiply the two  fractions and convert any resulting improper fraction back to a  proper fraction:    1 3/4 = (1×4 (MORE)