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What is threshold energy?

Threshold Energy . Threshold energy is the energy level where some chemical/physical action happens. For instance water boils at 100 deg C the water molecule attains enough (MORE)

What is the fragmentation threshold?

The maximum frame size wireless device can transmit without fragmenting the frame. . A collision happens when two devices that use the same medium transmit packets at exactl (MORE)

What is threshold breaking?

its how racing drivers break. rather than pump the breaks to stop the car skidding you keep the breaks on all the time but lift off gently as soon as the car starts to skid bu (MORE)

What is differential threshold?

The differential threshold of retinal sensitivity, as contrasted with the absolute threshold, has also been investigated in amblyopic eyes. In testing the differential thresho (MORE)

What is stimulus threshold?

ST - In regards to excitable cell (i.e. neurons) the minimum mV need to trigger a AP (action potential) and is around -40mV (although this may vary depending on the cell). (MORE)
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Why is a threshold called a threshold?

It was aptly named a threshold as it holds the thresh inside the structure to mitigate the dust from the dirt floors commonly used during this time period.