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What are thrones?

thrones are something that kings,queens,princes,princesses used to sit in to represent that they are roryalty in medieval times.
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What is be throne?

If you mean 'dethrone'. It means to remove, usually by force, a ruler from power.
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What is The Throne of Fire about?

It is about Carter and Sadie learning their powers without hosting gods because in the end of the red pyramide they remove Isis and Horus from them by taking there amulets off (MORE)
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Who is Bella throne?

An tv actor that supposedly loves to dance.she acts stupid shake it up but she really is a talented pretty singer. But I still think she has a wing on but whatever

What is the succession to the throne?

The succession to the throne is the order in which people are ranked by their closeness to the throne. The monarch's eldest son is first in line - even if this son is younge (MORE)

What is after The Throne of Fire?

The third book is currently not titled/ is unnamed, but it is coming out spring 2012!
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