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What is the definition of the words through and through?

"Through" and "thru" are equivalent in terms of meaning; they have slightly different connotations in terms of literary effect and stylistic choices. Both words are adverbs de (MORE)

Can you walk through a drive through?

During normal operating hours, they probably wouldn't like it. If you go through at a time when the drive-through is the only thing open, and you have a legit reason (e.g., ve (MORE)
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See through it or see it through?

It depends on what you want to say. You can say "I can see through it", or "I want to see it through".
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Is it walk through or walk-through?

The two-word form is used only when you are using through as an adverb (e.g. he will walk through the door). The hyphenated noun walk-through was the earlier form, meaning a (MORE)

Which is right to get through this or to get through WITH this?

The proper grammar is using the word with. Here is a sample sentence. I would love to get through with this science project tonight because tomorrow night is the prom and I (MORE)