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What is throughput?

Performance of a CPU s can be measured & compared in terms of its 'number of millions of instructions it could execute in a second' i.e., MIPS. Out of the number of MIPS, how ( Full Answer )
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What is outbound throughput?

Outbound throughput simply describes the data bandwidth that a network device can send using. Kinda like a sustained upload speed.
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What are the Advantages of throughput accounting?

value is not created until products are sold . there is no such P&L account as "revenues from production" (i.e. revenues from goods made and stored as inventory) . costs of ( Full Answer )
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How do you calculate throughput?

Throughput in manufacturing or in queuing problems is calculated through the following formula: Throughput time ( Tt ) = Work in process ( WiP ) X Cycle time ( Ct ) *where ( Full Answer )
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What is a high throughput economy?

High-Throughput Economy - The situation in most advanced industrialized countries, in which ever-increasing economic growth is sustained by maximizing the rate at which matt ( Full Answer )
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What is vehicle throughput?

It is the number of individual vehicles that reports to a workshopin a particular month
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What is the Difference between throughput and output?

Throughput: The rate at which an amount of work or data can be processed. It is a measure of comparative effectiveness of a process or an operation. Output: Quantity produce ( Full Answer )
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How does static ip affect throughput?

a static ip does not have any effect on throughput it simply mean your ip address will not change
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What is RLC throughput?

RLC is a type of electrical circuit that involves a resistor, aninductor and a capacitor. The throughput is the amount of energytravelling through the circuit.
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What is saturation throughput?

The performance parameter ¿Saturation Throughput¿ is defined asthe limit reached by the system throughput as the offered systemload increases. This parameter is ( Full Answer )