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How does a thunderstorm die out?

Thunderstorms are powered by an updraft or upward moving air  current that pulls in warm, moist air. As rain falls in a  thunderstorm, it cools the air, creating a sinking a (MORE)
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What should you do in a thunderstorm?

In the Case of a ThunderstormBefore a thunderstorm, you should:Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage during a severe thundersto (MORE)

When do thunderstorms occur?

mostly in the spring time It depends on the country. In many parts of Australia, thunderstorms can occur any time of year, but are less likely to happen in Winter, and are f (MORE)

What is a stray thunderstorm?

it means that mother nature has been taking a while to make a thunderstorm happen like say if they say around 12:00 noon they say stray afternoon thunderstorm possible that me (MORE)

Why is there no thunderstorms in winter?

Winter thunderstorms can occur, but are rare in most places. Winter  thunderstorms are rare because it is generally too cold.  Thunderstorms are fueled by warm, moist air. S (MORE)

Where can a thunderstorm be?

A thunderstorm can present itself and various ways. Here are some: General Thunderstorm: Produces rain (sometimes heavy), lightning and thunder. Severe Thunderstorm: Produces (MORE)
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What does it mean when its thunderstorming?

A thunderstorm happens like This: Water is formed through the water cycle (Precipitation, evaporation, Then condensation, only to go back to precipitation). Lightning isn't (MORE)