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Why Thursday is called Thursday?

The names for days of the week derive from many languages and cultures. See Related Links.
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Why is Thursday named Thursday?

Thursday is named Thursday because of Thor. In Danish (and probably Norwegian and Swedish, too) Thursday is torsdag. Thursday/torsdag is a tribute to Thor. Thor's Day --> Thur ( Full Answer )
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What is the abbreveation for Thursday?

The abbreviation for Thursday is: Thu Mon - Tue - Wed - Thu - Fri - Sat - Sun It's always the first 3 letters of the word
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Do you work on Thursday?

If your schedule says you need to work on a certain day, it is a good idea to work on that day.
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What comes after Thursday?

Well, according to internet sensation Rebecca Black , the day that comes after Thursday is Friday .
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What is spontaneous Thursday?

Spontaneous Thursday is a day when a blogger posts random spontaneous things in his or her blog without writing it earlier and also without caring how it affects the community ( Full Answer )
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Why Thursday is called as Thursday?

Zeus is Greek god of the heavens and the supreme Greek god.The right hand man of the supreme God Odin, in Norse mythology, is Thor. Hew was known as the Thunder god, and was r ( Full Answer )
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What is throwback Thursday?

When you post an old photo of you or your friends to remind of old memory.
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Is Thursday a preposition?

No. Thursday is a proper noun, the name of a weekday. However, itis often used alone as an adverbial, replacing a prepositionalphrase (e.g. see me Thursday instead of see m ( Full Answer )