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What are thylakoids?

 Thylakoids are membrane-bound organelles found within chloroplasts  the thylakoid membrane, forms many flattened, fluid-filled tubules that enclose a single convoluted com (MORE)

What is a thylakoid?

In general, a thylakoid is a structure found inside the chloroplasts and cyanobacteria of plants, and "...[is] the site of the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis" (Wi (MORE)

Why are thylakoids green?

Well thylakoids organize chloraphyll and other pigments within the membrane of the thylakoid. Chloraphyll is a green pigment so that affects the pigment of the thylakoid. I h (MORE)

What takes place in the thylakoid?

The light-dependent reactions. Where NADP+ is made into NADPH and ADP is made into ATP, which is later used by the Calvin Cycle to make sugar.
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Why are thylakoids stacked?

The thylakoids are stacked in grana because it has proven  adventagous and more efficient over time. The light reactions of  photosynthesis require a membrane to work becaus (MORE)
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How ATP is produced by thylakoid?

Within the thyakoid membrane, electrons from water are "excited" by  photons of light energy in Photosystem II. The excited electrons  "fall" from Photosystem II, pass throu (MORE)
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What is the difference between thylakoids and stroma?

Thylakoids are present in disclike bodies (grana) in the chloroplast containing photosynthetic pigments and stroma is the rest of the structure inside the chloroplast. Light r (MORE)