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What is the population of tianjin china?

At the end of 2004, the population of Tianjin Municipality was 10.24 million, of which 9.33 million were holders of Tianjin hukou (permanent residence). Among Tianjin permanen (MORE)
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Fee structure of Tianjin Medical University?

. The tuition for a Bachelor: RMB 44000 per year.\n. \n2. The tuition for a Master: RMB 48000 per year.\n. \n3. The tuition for a Ph.D.: RMB 56000 per year.\n. \n4. The tui (MORE)

How many air miles from tianjin china to hohhot inner Mongolia?

The air distance from Tianjin, China, to Hohhot, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, is 315 miles. That equals 507 kilometers or 274 nautical miles.
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