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Where was tic-tac-toe invented?

tic tac toe was invented in stamford Connecticut, man it was the easiest thing. they played a game and called it ticdas to but the Americans borrowed it and named it tic tac t (MORE)

What is in a tic tac?

According to this box of spearmint Tic-Tacs sitting on my desk, the  ingredients are as follows:    sugar  maltodextrin  rice starch  gum arabic  natural and artifi (MORE)

What age is tic-tac-toe for?

Not sure the exact age for the game, however I found my 2 and a half year old playing (with little competition) with her dad today. She gets the 3 in a row concept, as well as (MORE)

Can chickens play tic tac toe?

crazy fact but it is true ! however they do not play using pencil and paper it is thought they use their seed to communicate. i found this fact of my little brothers harvest c (MORE)

Are Tic-Tacs gluten free?

Yes,Tic-Tacs are gluten-free. If you go to their website below in the link they have other information about different allergies to be aware of in their product.
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