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How do you tickle?

You stroke someone lightly with your fingers. Different people have different sensitive spots on their body. Example: Ribs, armpits, feet, etc.

What is tickling?

Tickling is applying light touches in order to cause either spasmodic movement or laughter in order to interact with a child, or cheer them up from an unplesant situation.

How do you get tickled?

firstly it's very hard to actually tickle yourself I know this from experience and talking to other people about it but I can't really shed any light on why! -so you will hav (MORE)
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Why do feathers tickle?

Just as some people have a high pain tolerance and some people havea very low pain tolerance, some people are very susceptible tofeather tickling and some people are not. A f (MORE)

Why does it not tickle when you tickle yourself?

The tickle response in humans (and other primates) is not fully understood, but ticklish parts of the body react to unexpected touching in the same way as muscular reflexes (MORE)

Why doesn't it tickle when you tickle ourselves?

Because your brain is getting two nerve impulses and has learnt to cancel one set out. One from the hand that is tickling and the other impulses are coming from the place bei (MORE)
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What makes tickle spots tickle?

Tickle spots tickle for two distinct reasons. The first is that ticklish spots, such as the sole of the foot, the ribcage and the neck tend to have slightly thinner skin than (MORE)
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Why do you get ticklings?

sometimes people will tickle you if you do something noughty like:push them, throw something at them, or even tickling them will makethem want to tickle you sometimes.