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Why are vaginas tight?

Vaginas are tight because they have not been exposed to anything they are normally just a hole until widened. -ebush

What rhymes with tight?

1 syllable : beit, bite , blight , bright , brite, byte, cite, clyte, Dwight, feit, fight , fite, flight , fright , height , heit, hiett, height, hite, kight, kite (MORE)

Why is your foreskin tight?

Your foreskin may be tight for a variety of reasons. Generally, this is due to it never having been stretched out properly or fully. Usually sexual activity or masturbation in (MORE)

What to do if your tight?

Well, my girlfriend was tight, then as our relationship progressed, we got more physical. And eventually you "loosen" somewhat and it stops hurting to have sex.

Are tights uncomfortable?

Tights can be uncomfortable if the wrong size is chosen. When wearing tights or stockings you want to make sure the correct size is worn to prevent discomfort.

How do i no if my vagina is tight?

See if you can shove a fist up there. I find that I can't believe anyone actually asked that question, and I'm equally appalled at that answer. It is only tight in c (MORE)
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Is tight a noun?

There may be a noun use of the word tight, but I can't think of one. Tight is an adjective or an adverb. Tightness would be a noun, and tighten would be a verb. Tights, a kind (MORE)

What is tight bone?

Tight bone is which bone in cells are clocely packed together like example compact bone and thats why bones are stronge
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What types of tights are sold on My Tights?

My Tights has almost any variety of tight you can think of. Their tight list includes: Anti-Cellulite, Bare-Leg Look, Calorie Burning, Colored, Control Top, Cotton, Footless, (MORE)