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Ballet boys tights?

exactly   I'm sorry, what exactly was the question?   Yes, the boys do wear tights and in my experience, quite often. Though in class, they sometimes wear shorts, bike p (MORE)

What rhymes with tight?

1 syllable: beit, bite, blight, bright, brite, byte, cite, clyte, Dwight, feit, fight, fite, flight, fright, height, heit, hiett, height, hite, kight, kite, knight, kyte, li (MORE)
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Can you swim in tights?

I swim in nylon tan tights all the time. they can't really be seen  in the water under your costume but if you don't feel comfortable  then wear a costume that has a little (MORE)
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What is the noun for tight?

The noun form of the adjective 'tight' is tightness.    A related noun form is the uncountable binary noun tights.
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What if a boy wears womens tights?

Answer   Men wore tights in Europe before they became fashionable for women to wear. Lycra tights add pizzaz to a nice set of smooth shapely legs. I like tights on women (MORE)

How do you buy tights?

You can buy tights by going to any store. I recomend Target because they have a lot of options on different tight styles.
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What are tight pants?

Tight pants are pants that almost look like legging on someone. They are not in the least bit loose, they are practically glued to the skin. They almost actually look like som (MORE)