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What is a tigon?

A Tigon (or Tiglon) is a cross-bred hybrid between a male Tiger & a female Lion. Their average weight is around 400lbs.
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Can tigons reproduce?

Nearly all tigons and ligers are sterile, like most hybrids. Occasionally a female will be fertile, but males are always sterile, so you could almost never breed them. You can ( Full Answer )
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Where do tigons live?

Zoos, primarily. Tigons are not found in the wild, same with ligers or any hybrid animal only able to be created by human intervention. A tiglon is the rare hybrid offspring o ( Full Answer )
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How big is a tigon?

Tigon can somtimes be smaller than both of their parents(Lion and Tiger).Tigon have an average of 440 lb(200 kg) but can exceed 660 lb(300 kg) on largest.With a smallest weigh ( Full Answer )
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What do tigons eat?

A tiglon (the rare hybrid offspring of a male tiger and femalelion) will eat pretty much any kind of meat.
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What is a tigons diet?

As a Tigon and a Liger are both crosses between a Tiger and a Lion you would expect them both to have the same diet as their parents, namely meat.
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Can a tigon mate with another tigon and produce another tigon?

No. Male tigons, just like ligers, are sterile (meaning they have no or very little sperm). However, if a male lion or tiger mates with a female tigon, they can have cubs. Thi ( Full Answer )
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How long do ligers and tigons live?

10-15 with out great care from13- 18 when take with great care one tigon lived 23 years ligers live only 7-10 with out great care withit they might live from 10 15 oldest i kn ( Full Answer )
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Is a tigon a female?

A tiglon is a cross between a male tiger and a female lion (lioness). They can be either male or female.
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How are tigons endangered?

Tigons and ligers are not naturally occurring animals, but are hybrids bred in captivity. Non-natural species are not classified with an endangered status.