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Does Tiktaalik Roseae serve as evidence for evolution?

Tiktaalik's fin bones were not connected to its main skeleton, andso could not have supported its weight out of water. And thesimilarity between species could also reflect com ( Full Answer )
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Where is Tiktaalik and is it open to be viewed by the public?

Key finds, especially if they are rare specimen, are not usuallythemselves put on public display. Rather, casts are made anddistributed to researchers and musea around the wor ( Full Answer )
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What is Tiktaalik roseae?

Tiktaalik roseae is an extinct species of lobe-finned fish from the late Devonian Period, and had many features akin to those of tetrapods. It is considered to be a fossil li ( Full Answer )
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What is the current status of Tiktaalik?

Tiktaalik, once touted as a proven missing link" is now regarded as an evolutionary dead end'', thanks to the recent discovery in Poland of tetropod tracks dated some 18Ma yea ( Full Answer )
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Was Tiktaalik one of the first fish to walk on land?

It depends on your definition of what it means to "walk". From fossil evidence we know that Tiktaalik favored shallow habitats close to land and that it could very easily supp ( Full Answer )