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Can you tile over existing tile?

I have tiled over cork tiles with ceramic tiles and it worked fine in a bathroom, around a bath.. If the current tiles are really well fixed it should be fine.

How do you tile on top of tiles?

You can tile over existing tiles if the wall is sturdy and none ofthe old tiles is cracked or loose. If there are only a few loosetiles, remove and clean them, then reinstall (MORE)
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How do you get tile paint off tile?

I recommend using Paint & varnish remover, They will probably be the most effective at removing the paint.

Can you tile over fireplace tiles?

Though people do tile over tile, it's really not recommended. The underlying surface can make or break a tile installation. Preparing that surface is the most important step. (MORE)

Can you tile over vct tile?

You would be putting a permanent floor over a temporary floor & that would not be wise. Might work but if it doesn't you lose it all...

What is tile?

Tile is a building material you can use in commercial and residential use. There are certain kinds of tile you can use and they can be installed indoors and outdoors. You can (MORE)
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Are tivoli tiles a good tile?

Make sure your tile patterns and colors are correct when you pick out the boxes of Tivoli tile. We just opened the last box in our project and there is a factory error in the (MORE)

How do you get tile paint off tiles?

It depends on the paint that was used to paint the tiles originally, but usually a methylene chloride stripper will take off an epoxy used to paint tiles and not harm the tile (MORE)