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What is ceramic tile?

  Answer   Clay mud, when dried and then "Fired", melts together forming a solid, hardened mass. Over the centuries people have learned to form the clay into tiles ( (MORE)

How do you tile on top of tiles?

You can tile over existing tiles if the wall is sturdy and none of  the old tiles is cracked or loose. If there are only a few loose  tiles, remove and clean them, then rein (MORE)

Can you glue tile on top of tile?

Sure can, but if its waxed tile you should rough it up unless there's a chance its got asbestos in it. Then use a primer sealer over that top to give the glue something to bin (MORE)

What is homogeneous tile?

Homogeneous Tiles With much lower water absorption rate and higher density, Homogeneous is definitely a much tougher tile compared to Ceramics tiles, and therefore more long l (MORE)

Can you tile over tiles?

Yes you can. First are there any cracks in the floor? If so you need to put down an anti fracture membrane otherwise the new tile will just crack again. Second use a better qu (MORE)

Can you tile over existing wall tile?

Technically you can, but it is not recommended. If the old tile is loose, cracked, or not flush it will cause the new tile to crack, pop out, or break. If you pay a hard surfa (MORE)

How do you grout tiles?

Its one of those things that is easier to show than to describe. Tip: If your gap is 1/8" or larger, do yourself a favor and use the stronger sanded grout. And use thin set in (MORE)

Can you tile over wall tiles?

It is best to remove the wall tiles. You need a flat service and a lot of times old tile will not be perfectly flat. If you remove the tiles you will have a good base to tile (MORE)

How do you install tile over exiting tile?

You can tile over existing tile although it isn't reccomended. You would be safer by removing the tile and then installing the new tile. But, if you wanted to tile over existi (MORE)

What is tile?

Tile is a building material you can use in commercial and residential use. There are certain kinds of tile you can use and they can be installed indoors and outdoors. You can (MORE)