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Who was Emmett Till?

Emmett Louis Till was an African-American 14-year-old from Chicago,Illinois who was murdered after reportedly flirting with a whitewoman in Money, Mississippi in 1955.Emmett T (MORE)
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Why is glacial till unsuitable for building?

Glacial till is in fact very commonly used in building. It is over consolidated and so is very stiff making it a very good founding material as there is very little settlement (MORE)

Why till lindmann left rammstein?

Till Lindemann has not left Rammstein and has no plans to in the foreseeable future. Rammstein have always been adamant about the fact they will never play with anyone else be (MORE)

Who is till young?

Till Young is a former sports and entertainment manager who worked with an array of clients such as Jamie Foxx, Mario Lopez, Smokey Robinson, Lawrence Taylor and a host of oth (MORE)
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Is Till Lindemann dead?

No, he is not. He is alive, and doing quite well. Rammstein just released their latest album last fall, finished touring for a while, and will be back on tour next month (in l (MORE)

Till we meet again in German?

Literally: Bis wir uns wiedersehen More usually: Auf wiedersehen Bis zum nächsten Mal
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What did Emmett Till do?

As he was leaving a store, he whistled to the white woman whohappened to own the store with her husband. Two days later thewoman's husband and brother dragged Emmett out of hi (MORE)

What is a float in a till?

  A float is a pre-determined amount of cash (notes & coin) ie. at start or end of shift before any sales are put through.   eg. My work has a float of $300.00 AUD whic (MORE)