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What is a float in a till?

A float is a pre-determined amount of cash (notes & coin) ie. at start or end of shift before any sales are put through.. eg. My work has a float of $300.00 AUD which I have (MORE)

Who was Emmett Till?

Emmett Louis Till was an African-American 14-year-old from Chicago,Illinois who was murdered after reportedly flirting with a whitewoman in Money, Mississippi in 1955.Emmett T (MORE)

Who is till young?

Till Young is a former sports and entertainment manager who worked with an array of clients such as Jamie Foxx, Mario Lopez, Smokey Robinson, Lawrence Taylor and a host of oth (MORE)

What is tilling?

Tilling the soil, means to prepare the soil using a plough or hand held tool such as a dutch hoe.
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What is a till?

(tĭl) tr.v. , tilled , till·ing , tills . To prepare (land) for the raising of crops, as by plowing and harrowing; cultivate. [Middle English tilen , from Old (MORE)

What is no-till agriculture?

No-till means not tilling the fields before seeding nor after harvest. It's a method to reduce soil erosion.
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What is a check out till?

It's a Till, Usually in a supermarket, it is where you go and pay for your purchases.
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Is till a conjunction?

It can be, when it is used instead of until ( He was sleepingtill the rooster woke him ). Otherwise it is a preposition (till dawn, till then). A homonym for till is a noun (MORE)