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How does a windmill function?

Most modern wind turbines have three blades, and operate facing the wind. Tall towers reach for constant, strong airflow. The wind turns the blades. which spins a shaft , whic (MORE)

What is a windmill used for?

Windmills were traditionally used for processing grains, later they  started to be used for electricity production as well. Windmills  can also be used to pump water.   (MORE)

What does the windmill do?

  A windmill generates electricity.   A windmill is a machine that is powered by the energy of the wind. It is designed to convert the energy of the wind into more us (MORE)

Why does the earth tilt?

The tilt of the earth at 23.45° is a result of collisions with large bodies during the formation of the planets in the solar system. The size of the bodies and the angle of c (MORE)

How can someone get windmill jobs to work on windmills?

The first step in getting a windmill job is to get trained by going through a wind tech training program. The fastest and most reputable ones are California Wind Tech and Dani (MORE)

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What are windmills about?

the blades turn gears, which drive the generators to produce electricity. The controller points the windmills head into the wind to keep the blades turning rapidly.
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Where do you find windmills?

  In arable farming areas. Where I live (in the east of England) there are many windmills. In some areas (the Norfolk Broads in England, or parts of Holland) you see what (MORE)

Why are windmills important?

Windmills are important because they provide electricity. The more the windmills move, the more electricity. If you go to Palm Springs in California, you will find hundreds an (MORE)