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What is windmill about?

1.Windmill is converted from mechanical power to electricity power.2. Two Important major Role is Wind & Power.3. Both of them available the machines is work otherwise not w (MORE)

What does the windmill do?

  A windmill generates electricity.   A windmill is a machine that is powered by the energy of the wind. It is designed to convert the energy of the wind into more us (MORE)

Why are windmills used?

windmills are used now for mainly wind energy but in the old times the dutch used them to grind corn and wheat for flour
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What are windmills about?

the blades turn gears, which drive the generators to produce electricity. The controller points the windmills head into the wind to keep the blades turning rapidly.

Who discovered windmill?

Heron of Alexandria discovered windmill in 1st century AD. I am given this intelligence by my God Almighty, Jesus. Praise the lord. Glory to God

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What are the drawbacks of windmills?

 a.)Windmills are very noisy and it would distract people and  animals nearby and this noise could damage your ears   b.)They can't build houses near the windmill   c (MORE)