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What time was Pearl Harbor bombed?

7:55am   The first aerial bombs fell on Pearl Harbor at 07:48 a.m. Hawaii time, December 7th, 1941. But there was an earlier sortie by midget 2-man submarine, and the ti (MORE)

What is the difference between computers time bomb and logic bomb?

  The Time Bomb is a subclass of a logic bomb which were designed by programmers who get fired in an act of spite or a cheap shot to get rehired since they can 'trigger' t (MORE)

What is a time bomb virus?

A time bomb virus is a virus that does not take effect immediately. Biologically, this could be a virus that is encased in old organic matter that needs to be broken down to b (MORE)

Did they have bombs in Medieval Times?

Not aerial bombs, because there were no planes or dirigibles to drop them from. There were various experiments with exploding shells using gunpowder around 1400 in Europe. B (MORE)

Where is the bomb on time tangled island?

The "bomb" is a barrel of gunpowder at the Great Wall of China (1593 AD), near the right side. When you have it, go to the cave in the Vikings time (831 AD) and click on the r (MORE)

How does the colck on time bomb work?

The time bomb is as simple as any explosive, but the only difference is that the spark is triggered by a computerised circuit. A digital stopwatch/stopclock is connected to th (MORE)