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What is timeline?

a time line is a line that has a progression of time. eg a history time line. x. Timeline is a graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events, also referred (MORE)
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What is timelines and what is deadlines?

A deadline is a time by when a task needs to be completed. A timeline is a chronological list of items or tasks that need tobe completed to reach the deadline. Or it can just (MORE)
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How does a timeline work?

Is when you write important events in specific years andd put it on a line when the events are organized.
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What is a geographical timeline?

The geographical time line is a well known scientific system used to assess the history of earth.
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What is a sentence for timeline?

Facebook added a new feature called the timeline. The timeline organizes events in the sequence in which they happened.
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What is a timeline on flash?

time line means, the line on flash and it has where the stages take places.
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What is the timeline of Zeus?

Zeus was born on C.700 B.C and he has no death he was the god of weather and lighting he was a boss that way
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What is a Twitter timeline?

The timeline has all of the tweets from people that you follow in the order that they were tweeted. The most recent tweets are at the top.
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Where can you get a karate timeline?

That will depend on what it is you are looking for. If there is aspecific style of karate, your organization is probably the bestbet. If you are looking for karate in general (MORE)
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What is a timeline in animation?

A timeline in animation is for how long you want photos, frames and videos to be played simultaneously.