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Where did Frank Sinatra serve Jail Time?

for having a sexual relationship with a married woman- later the charges dropped which is a good thing because its ridicoulous that law enforcement could get involved in such (MORE)

What did Anne Frank do with her time?

Im not sure whether you are talking bout when she was in hiding  or when she was free.  IN HIDING-  When Anne was hiding there was a lot of time to spare, as you  could im (MORE)

Where did Frank Gehry go to architectural school?

Gehry is a Distinguished Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and teaches advanced design studios at the Yale School of Architecture. He has received honorary doct (MORE)

What did Frank O Gehry suggest in the shape of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain because of its importance to the economy of the city?

Canadian-American architect, Frank Gehry, designed the Guggenheim  Museum Bilbao to look like a ship. Bilbao, Spain has a long history  as an important port city with a stro (MORE)