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What happened to Timothy?

According to The Acts of Timothy, Timothy was stoned to death by an  angry crowd. It says he was preaching the gospel and hindered the  procession transporting the goddess D (MORE)

What is the Gaelic for Timothy?

The old Irish name Tadhg was used as the equivalent of Timothy. It is pronounced teig and taig (Ulster). The old Irish name Tadhg (pron. teig, taig) was traditionally angli (MORE)

What is a order picker?

An order picker is used for picking stock or orders from racking or shelving and transportation of the stock. There are High Level Order Picker and Low Level Order Pickers. H (MORE)

What is a pocket picker?

A pocket picker is when someone steals peoples money I pick-pocket is a person that has developed the skills required to reach into the pockets clothing or bags that a perso (MORE)
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Who is timothy montes?

Timothy R. Montes,a Palanca awardee, is a fictionist who grew up in Borongan, Eastern Samar. He has studied in Silliman University (Dumaguete City) and UP Diliman. He teaches (MORE)

How do you eliminate picker bushes?

The only way to eliminate picker bushes is to dig them out. Cut the  branches down as far as you can first. Make sure you get all of the  roots out when digging the bush up (MORE)
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Where was Timothy when First Timothy was written?

As the questioner asks 'where' was Timothy (in Ephesus, circa 62  AD), let Scripture reply:    1 Timothy 1-3 New International Version (NIV)   1 Timothy 1   (MORE)