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What does the name Thuy Tien mean?

Thuy Tien literally means "Water Fairy" or "Water Goddess" in Vietnamese. The name originated from from an ancient myth of a water fairy who reincarnated into a beautiful woma (MORE)

What are NGOs?

  NGOs   NGOs are non-governmental organisations are not-for-profit organisations, voluntary associations of people and communieties, may work at local, regional, nat (MORE)
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How old is trish thuy trang?

Well, she should be somewhere around 30. Now, today June 15, 2012 she is 38 or 39. Actually, She's like 20 something like 26 or 27.
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What are the function of NGO?

Function/Objective of NGOs are.... 1. Promote the interest of the poor 2. Protect the environment 3. Provide the basic social services 4. To relieve suffering 5. Und (MORE)


The term "non-governmental organization" was first coined in 1945,  when the United Nations (UN) was created.[6] The UNDP, itself an  inter non-governmental organization, ma (MORE)

What does ngo mean?

NGO means Non Governmental Organization and defines any organization that does not include any government or government appointed representatives in their membership.
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Role of NGO?

The role of a non-government organization is varied. It includes  facilitating communication, researching, monitoring, evaluation,  and advocacy for and with the poor.
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How do you make an ngo?

A person can make their own NGO by first determining their mission or cause. A person will then be required to register their NGO, raise funds for their cause, and hold meetin (MORE)
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What is Nguyen Thuy Lam famous for?

Nguyen Thuy Lam is a singer off Vietnamese origin who won the Miss Vietnamese World contest in 2008. She especially became famous because of her being Miss Vietnamese World.
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