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Why was everyone tipsy during the Renaissance?

They weren't "tipsy" during the Renaissance . If that had been the case the art, buildings, books, and ideas that came from that time never could have been done.
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What does tipsy cake taste like?

Tipsy cake is flavored with liqueur, i.e., it is drunken cake or "tipsy." A particular tipsy cake would taste like an ordinary cake with the flavor of the whatever type of l (MORE)
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What happens when people are tipsy?

The term tipsy refers to someone who is intoxicated or drunk. When a person have consumed too much alcohol, they will loose coordination and their personality will change.
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How much wine makes you tipsy?

this only depends on your gender height and weight, so a female who  drinks 3 glasses of wine in 1 and a half hour and is only 5' tall  and weighs 100lbs will get tipsy real (MORE)