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What is the telephone area code for Tirana Albania?

Tirana is in Albanian area code 04, which is +355 4 in international format. There should be 7 more digits following; old 6-digit numbers were prefixed with '2' in 2008. (T ( Full Answer )
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Where are the slums in Tirana Albania?

Laprakë, Bathorë, Stacioni i Trenit, Sauk. There are many more smaller slums, especially some small gypsy settlements. Allias and Kombinat are getting better slowly.
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What country's capitol is Tirana?

Albania's Tirana is Albania's capitol and largest city. It lies in the central part of Albania.
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What actors and actresses appeared in La tirana - 1958?

The cast of La tirana - 1958 includes: Fortunato Bernal Consuelo de Nieva Mary Delgado Marta Flores Mateo Guitart Ricardo Hurtado as Duque de Alba Vicky Lagos as La Rochel Paq ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Turhan Tirana written?

Turhan Tirana has written: 'Fly fishing' -- subject(s): Fly fishing 'Fly Fishing' -- subject(s): Fly fishing, OverDrive, Nonfiction, Sports & Recreations