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What rhymes with tired?

acquired admired aspired attired backfired bemired conspired desired enquired expired fired hardwired hired inspired mired misfired perspired refired rehired required reti (MORE)
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What is the tire size of a Formula 1 car?

  The front tire must be between 305 and 355 mm wide, and the rear tyre must be between 365 and 380 mm wide.   The diameter of the wheel rim must be between 328 and 332 (MORE)

Are Douglas tires good tires?

Douglas is a division of goodyear. They are made in China and have a bad reputation for being of low quality.
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Why do we get tired?

Many causes. Life is full of stresses. It is the way our bodies tell us to pay attention and that something is needed, for example: fluids, foods and nutrients, rest, relief (MORE)

What is a simile for tired?

As tired as the wings of a bird As tired as a worn-out shoe As tired as a one-armed paper hanger As tired as an ox [after a full day's work in the fields] As tired as bears du (MORE)

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Is geo tires good tires?

i happen to have a set of Geo Tracker tires on my jeep. the first time i didn't buy American... not a bad choice, but they're not American. if you like donating to other econo (MORE)

Hankook Tire are they good tires?

Hankook are a good tire for their price. Consumer reports ranks the Hankook Optimo H727 the #3 passenger car tire on the market behind the Michellin Harmony and Michelin Hyd (MORE)
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Why do formula 1 tires explode?

Most common reason would be due to a split within the tyre structure which gives a 'exploding' effect due to when the rubber of the compound reaches breaking point, it splits (MORE)
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Why different tires are used in Formula 1 cars in different tracks?

Different tyres have different surfaces that depending on the ground either increase or decrease friction. Selection of proper F1 tyres play a significant role because the car (MORE)