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Is titanium magnetic?

No, titanium is not magnetic (ferromagnetic like iron). It is paramagnetic, in that it interacts weakly with outside magnetic fields. As we all know the unique thing about (MORE)

Is titanium valuable?

The metal titanium is not as expensive as a 9 ct white gold nor is  it a rare element to make it very valuable. But the labor costs to  make jewelry out of titanium is highe (MORE)

Is titanium bendy?

  by bendy, i think you meant tensile strength. A very primitive word indeed. Titanium has very high tensile strength, in your words, IT IS NOT BENDY. Being a strate (MORE)

What is the texture of titanium?

Titanium can be any texture, it depends on how it is finished. It can be polished to a mirror finish or given a rough brushed finish. For some examples of the possible finishe (MORE)

Does titanium burn?

Titanium will burn if it is heated to a high enough temperature in air, You need a higher temperature than a match or candle flame, it also helps of the surface area to volume (MORE)

Is titanium waterproof?

Titanium (Ti) is corrosion-resistant, which means it is water-resistant, also for sea water. Also, the word "waterproof" is referring to products and tools, for materials yo (MORE)

What are the lyrics to titanium?

You shout it out, but I can't her a word you say   I'm talking loud, not saying much.   I'm criticized, but all your bullets we could see   You shoot me down, but (MORE)

Is titanium cheap?

It's about 6 dollars per kilo, less expensive than silver but morethan steel or aluminum.
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What is titanium metal?

A relatively lightweight very strong metal capable of tolerating  unusually high temperature without failure. Much of it is mined in  Russia (e.g. most of the titanium metal (MORE)