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Where can you get titanium?

If you mean for actual purchase I listed some industrial sources that will likely be much cheaper than chemical supply houses in the related links.
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What are the characteristics of titanium?

Answer. Titanium is a great alternative for structural material in terms of weight and strength. Titanium is lighter than Steel and much stronger than Aluminum. It has a low ( Full Answer )
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What is titaniums uses?

Titanium is a medical metal which you get if you have e.g Broken your arm it is a titanium metal rod :)
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What is the valence of titanium?

Titanium has (max.) 4 valence electrons, possible oxidation states: +4 , +3, +2, (+1, rare).
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Where do you get titanium from?

comes from a fine sand in Australia called rutile. ======= . Titanium are rare in the earth's crust and is the seventh in the abundance(there is 0.42% in the crust). For the ( Full Answer )
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How do you get titanium?

In a short word, we get titanium by chemistry method from titanium ores. . Here is a brief introduction of the process as follow. . For the smelting of titanium minerals are ( Full Answer )
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Who has the patent on titanium?

It's extremely doubtful that anyone has. Titanium is a natural element (symbol Ti, and atomic number 22) listed in the periodic table! Patent law typically applies to man-made ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get titanium?

Most of the world's titanium is mined as titanium dioxide (inrutile) in mines located in southwest Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan,Australia, and the US states of Virginia and Kent ( Full Answer )
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Will titanium scratch titanium?

Yes. Any metal or mineral will scratch itself and anything softer than it on the hardness scale.
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Is titanium quartz the same as titanium?

No. . titanium quartz is a form of quartz containing tiny traces oftitanium atoms giving it a variety of colors including: violet,green, purple, blue, aqua, yellow, pink, an ( Full Answer )