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Why do you tithe?

WHO: Whoever desires to worship God. WHAT: Giving first 10% of income to God. WHEN: Whenever you receive income. WHERE: Where you have been fed the Word of God. WHY: To worshi (MORE)
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What is titheing?

In the days before the welfare state it was the practice of churchgoers to donate one tenth (a 'tithe') of their disposable income to the Church which would then use the money (MORE)
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Why you should tithe?

In the Christian Faith, tithing is considered a form of worship and set forth in the Bible. The act of giving back a portion to God what He gave us shows Him our humility and (MORE)
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His tithes were in arrears?

Who are you asking about, Jesus. IF so, then Jesus gave His entire human life to God to save mankind - divesting Himself of His former glory to serve mankind. All the tithes i (MORE)
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Do you tithe an inheritance?

Only if you feel like it. Additional Info : According to the Bible only ancient Israel was required to pay tithes, and the tithes did not consist of money. The Bible (MORE)
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What does the church do with the tithes?

The tithes are used for several things like paying the pastors salary, the electric bill, the telephone bill, the parsonage where the pastor stays and supporting the mission f (MORE)
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What is tithing fraction?

In the bible we are interacted to bring the tithe (which is one tenth of your produce)...
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A tithe is?

A tithe is a contribution, usually to a religious organization andis one tenth of something, usually salary.