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What material is the arch of Titus?

The arch of Titus is not a material, it is an arch. It was built in 82 AD by Domitian to commemorate Titus' Siege of Jerusalem. It was made of pentelic marble, a type of marbl (MORE)

Who wrote Titus in the Bible?

The apostle Paul wrote Titus. This is the twelfth of the thirteen books by Paul to appear in the Bible.
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Who was titu mir?

Syed Mir Nisar Ali commonly known as Titu Mir was a great Bengali freedom fighter and a peasant leader who resisted the oppression of the local zamindars and European indigo (MORE)

Who was Titus in The Bible?

Titus was a Christian minister that also accompanied Paul on at least one of his travels. In Titus 1:4 he is described by Paul as a "child of the faith". Upon completing a jou (MORE)

Character of Titus in the Bible?

Honor as his name means, he was an honorable person especially to the church as we read in Corinthians. Titus was talented and a very able man but that did not allow him to do (MORE)
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What does Titus 1 explain in the Bible?

Titus chapter one begins with introductory verses. The Apostle Paul  then goes on to explain to Titus the qualifications of church  leadership.
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Why was the Epistle to Titus written?

A:The Epistle to Titus, regarded by nearly all New Testament scholars as a pseudo-Pauline epistle written in the second century, was written to spell out in detail what "Paul" (MORE)

What is the epistle to Titus?

Titus, like Timothy was a young man following in Paul's foot steps. By the time Titus was written by Paul, Titus had been educated in the scriptures and knew all the problems (MORE)