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Is the saying 'all intents and purposes' or 'all intense purposes'?

Intents and Purposes The correct phrase is "to all intents and purposes." This phrase dates back to the 1500s and originated in English law, where it was "to all intents, cons (MORE)
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What is a good all purpose cleaner?

You don't really specify if you're looking for a non-toxic/environmentally friendly cleaner or a conventional (chemical) cleaner. But since we need to take better care of our (MORE)

What is octane all about or the purpose?

  Almost all cars use four-stroke gasoline engines. One of the strokes is the compression stroke, where the engine compresses a cylinder-full of air and gas into a much sm (MORE)

What is poss w intent to dist and then the feds charge you with conspiracy w intent to distribute is that legal and its all same time frame?

Yes, it is legal. They are TWO separate offenses. "POSSESSION" means that you had the contraband on you or in your control. "INTENT TO DISTRIBUTE" means that the amount you ha (MORE)

What is 'All Purpose Flour'?

All-purpose flour does not have any salt, baking soda, or baking powder in it, whereas self-rising flour has those ingredients mixed in.
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What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

20c + 5 = 5c + 65 Divide through by 5: 4c + 1 = c + 13 Subtract c from both sides: 3c + 1 = 13 Subtract 1 from both sides: 3c = 12 Divide both sides by 3: c = 4
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