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What is the meaning of Luna solvo?

Luna means Moon in latin and solvo means releases. It is supposed to mean "The moon releases". During this event all planets are aligned in a special way and the moon seems 3 (MORE)

What is Luna Lovegood's job?

Luna went on to work as a naturalist. She discovered several new  species of magical creatures. She also married Rolf Scamander, a  fellow naturalist and great grandson of N (MORE)
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What adjectives to describe Luna Lovegood?

She is kind, loyal, quirky, different, unique, blunt, funny, brave and strong. She is always nice to people even if they are the brats that stole her things. She is loyal to h (MORE)
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What words have the root Luna in them?

lunacy - insanity lunambulism - sleep walking or walking by moonlight Lunaria - small genus of European herbs: honesty lunarian - selenographer: inhabitant of the moon (MORE)

Why was general Luna murdered?

Because he was a spy for hitler aswal as british so he deceived gemany and england.
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Is it illegal to kill a Luna moth?

No, it is not illegal to kill a Luna moth in the United States.  There are not any other countries where this appears to be illegal  either.
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