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Why is a toad called a toad?

Because there are many key differences, which I can get from  another one of my answers due to how lenghty it would be to type it  all out. Toads have round bodies that are (MORE)
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How do you attract a toad?

I am the toad\\frog expert, so I know how to attract them. Put a cracked pot upside down. Put a shallow dish in the ground by the pot. Use nice, clean, cool, water for it. You (MORE)

Are toads carnivores?

yes, given that they eat insects which are a form of animal.    yes
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What do you feed toads?

any small bugs you can find. Depending on the size of the toad, they may also eat one day old mice.
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Which toads are poisonous?

All toads can secrete a poison called bufotoxin, which varies in intensity from lethal to harmless. It is extremely bitter if the toxin has no lethality, where just the taste (MORE)

Are toads consumers?

Toads are consumers, due to the fact that toads CONSUME things.Toads consume water, crickets, worms, beetles, frogs, etc. A toaddoes not make his/her own food, unlike plants.
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What are facts about toads?

 Toads are found on all continents except Antarctica and are  also not present on isolated islands likeNew Zealand, New Guinea,  and Madagascar.  A group of toads is ofte (MORE)

Why do toads get in basements?

The only way a toad can get into your basement is if you have an  opening somewhere for it to get in. They don't want to be in your  basement anymore than you want them ther (MORE)