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Is Jason todd still alive?

yes he is if that bomb really hit him in under the red hood movie you would see blood but when the bomb went of smoke appeared but if you pause it you a little black piece of (MORE)
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What is Sweeney Todd about?

Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is about a barber who has been sent away from his wife Lucy and daughter Johanna to jail on a forced charge of foolishness. He ha (MORE)
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What happens at the end of sweeney todd?

I assume you are talking about the recent film. Todd, out of rage, burns Mrs. Lovett alive upon realizing that she knew that his wife was alive. He cradles his wife's dead (MORE)
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How did Jason Todd become robin?

Jason Todd first became Robin when Batman adopted him from a bad neighborhood. He was first seen stealing the tires on the Batmoble as seen in the hit Movie Batman: Under the (MORE)

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When did Mary Todd Lincoln die?

Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln, died on July 16, 1882  at the age of 63.
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Who is Jason Todd?

he was the second robin, and generally accepted as the one most hated by the fans. they actually did a survey on what should happen to jason todd. everybody chose that he shou (MORE)
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Who played sweeney todd in sweeney todd?

This depends on which version is being referred to. Below is a list (in chronological order) of versions of Sweeney Todd and the names of the actors in title role. Sweeney T (MORE)