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Does an elephant have toes?

  Asian elephants have 5 toes on their front legs and 4 on their back. African elephants have 4 toes on the front legs and 3 on the back.
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Do cows have toes?

Yes, they have two toes per foot or hoof, since they are cloven-hooved animals. They also have two dewclaws on the back of each foot, however these are usually not considered (MORE)

What is a garlic toe?

I have never heard of a toe of garlic A head of garlic is sometimes referred to as a "foot," with the individual cloves being called "toes."
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What do you do if you broke your toe?

You have to strap it to the other toe and try not to put too much weight on it. I dislocated my little toe by walking into a box which bent it into a right angle. It looked (MORE)
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What is toe-nailing?

Basically it means driving nails at an angle. For example if one wants to nail a 2 x 4 stud to the plate one can drive nails through the stud into the plate at an angle--this (MORE)

How do you uninfected a toe?

Soak it in a bowl of warm water that has a lot of salt dissolved in it. Do this twice a day until it clears up. Always keep it clean. Do not put a plaster on it because that w (MORE)
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Why do I get cramps in my toes?

Cramps tend to be more common with increasing age and are thought to be due to gradual shortening of the tendons which attach muscles to bones. Cramps can occur after exercise (MORE)