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What is an outhouse toilet?

This a small enclosed structure located out of doors. It has a deep hole dug into the ground and [typically] a wooden seat with a hole in the middle located above the hole. A (MORE)

Why was the toilet invented?

the toilet was invented to make the world a more hygineic place to live in and to stop spreading a deadly disease called bubonic plague which was caused by bacterium and yersi (MORE)

How do frogs get in toilets?

well, if it has good enough toes, it could've climbed the walls in the sewer and followed the pipe to lead to your toilet. but if its skin was slimy enough, it's toes would cl (MORE)

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What is a toilet?

      A toilet is a plumbing fixture that is generally located in a bathroom. It is also known as a water closet and a loo. A toilet is used when one has to either (MORE)

How wide is a toilet?

The average toilet is 15 inch wide, with most tanks being an inch or two wider.
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What is a Chinese toilet?

it is a bowl that you sit on that you dispose of your liquids and solids that have gone through your digestive system. if you would like more information, please go to google. (MORE)

How can you go to the toilet without a toilet?

This all depends on where you live. If you live in an apartment you will have to go in a can of some sort. If you live in a residential area you will have to dig a hole in you (MORE)
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How do you overflow a toilet?

by clogging it and then taking the stopper out of the back and it  will flush continously and it will overflow.