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How do you make toilet paper?

Toilet paper is made from either recycled paper or wood chips.  # It is mixed with water and broken down into a slurry, like paper mache.  # Any paper clips and staples ar (MORE)

What is the height of toilet paper holder?

most place the holder - depending on the room available next to the toilet bowl itself between 24 and 30 inches from the floor level
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Toilet Papering and getting caught?

Often a favorite of mischief lovers, toilet papering is popular mostly amongst teens. There are certain rules that go along with this sport, though. First, know the people you (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of toilet paper?

Advantages: It's an easy way of cleaning up. Disadvantages: Your hands may get soiled while wiping. You have to keep buying more paper, and trees have to be cut down to (MORE)

Who invented the toilet paper roll?

Ancient Chinese invented the paper and began using it for toilet purposes.   In 12th century, Chinese Royal family started using specially designed pieces of paper (that w (MORE)
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How do you make toilet paper into fabric?

All you do is you take the toilet paper, fold it up about 10 times, put water and lotion on it, and let it dry. You have fabric! If you want to make it colored, just put food (MORE)