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Were there toilets in the pyramids?

No. Toilets were not invented until the 1600s CE. Prior to that, people used latrines and outhouses. Secondly, the pyramids were intended as mausoleums and most mausoleums b (MORE)
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What is a toilet swirlie?

a toilet swirly is when mainly a bully shoves some ones head in the toilet while its flushing

What is German for toilet?

  It is "die Toilette" when referring to the porcelain fixture itself; for the room in which a toilet is located you would normally say "WC" or "Klo" (short for "Klosett") (MORE)

Why do we use a toilet?

Firstly, our bodies produce waste matter, that we have to get rid of. So what do we do with it? Leave it around? Put it in our pockets? Eat it? Give it to someone? None of the (MORE)

How do you clean toilets?

Spray it with a disinfectant thoroughly. Squirt some cleaner in the bowl. Swab out the bowl. Wipe down the whole toilet. Flush.
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What is the best toilet?

Well this is a tuff one, I worked in plumbing for 3 years, and some people swear by "Toto" toilet. Its more for a upperclass house,and it has certain features that some dont, (MORE)

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What is a toilet?

      A toilet is a plumbing fixture that is generally located in a bathroom. It is also known as a water closet and a loo. A toilet is used when one has to either (MORE)

Who invented the toilet and when?

16th-century author Sir John Harrington. Harrington was an author and in 1596, he wrote an article named "Plan Plots of a Privy of Perfection." In this article, he described h (MORE)

How can you go to the toilet without a toilet?

This all depends on where you live. If you live in an apartment you will have to go in a can of some sort. If you live in a residential area you will have to dig a hole in you (MORE)
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What is an ambulant toilet?

A ambulant toilet is a toilet that is accessible to those that are disabled. These toilets are mandatory in many stores and businesses. They include support rails and are in (MORE)