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What is uncle tomming?

  To call an African American an "Uncle Tom" is to insult him by suggesting he is selling-out to the White race.   The origin of the name 'Uncle Tom' is believed to co (MORE)

Who is tom Kenny?

He is best known for being the voice actor of the popular cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants but he does many other voices.   He's done Heffer from Rocko's Modern Life (MORE)

Who is Tom Clancy?

Tom Clancy is an author. His action and suspense novels deal with military, political and espionage situations; a number of them have been made into movies. His popularity is (MORE)

What are tom twisties?

It's actually Tom Swifties and they are sentences that contain a play on words or a "pun" using adverbs.They were originated by Edward Stratemever who created a series of cart (MORE)

How is tom a hypocrite?

He reacts indignantly to discovering Daisy's affair, when he himself is implied to have had several, and at the time of the story is seeing Myrtle Wilson.
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