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Is Tom Petty a Christian?

im pretty sure he is...he talks about God and Jesus in his music...the song Louisiana Rain says: "Thank God for a love that followed the Angel's Remedy." but that doesnt mean (MORE)

Who was married to Tom Petty?

He WAS married to Jane Benyo for twenty years, they got married in about '73 or '74 and they had two daughters. in 2001 he married Dana York who he is still married with.
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Is Lori Petty related to Tom Petty?

The singer Tom Petty (born October 20, 1950) does not appear to be related to the actress Lori Lee Petty (born October 14, 1963).
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What are 18 songs by Tom petty?

1. American girl 2. Breakdown 3. Listen to her heart 4. I need to know 5. Refugee 6. Don't do me like that 7. Even the losers 8. Here comes my girl 9. The waiting 10. You got (MORE)

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