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How do you replace the battery in a Tom Tom?

They are supposed to be rechargeable, so if you can find the right cord just plug it in. If the battery is faulty for some reason and won't charge, get in charge with the com (MORE)

Were is Big Time Rush now?

They are now getting well along with their careers some of the members of the bad and cast members of big time rush had already had careers like James Malson had an acting car (MORE)
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What is a nicotine rush?

Nicotine rush is a feeling you get after the first cigarette after a long period of time without cigarettes: For example, if you are a smoker and didn't smoke for let's say a (MORE)
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Is rush an adjective?

Not usually: It is a noun (as in "He was in a rush") and a verb (as in "She rushed to the taxi"). But in the phrases "rush job" and "rush order" it is used as an attributive ( (MORE)

Who is Rush Limbaugh?

A controversial media personality, who while he has wrote books and been on television, is best known for his talk radio show. He espouses a populist conservative Republicanis (MORE)
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Do rush has an adverb?

No, rush does not have an adverb, and if it did the word might have been rushly but rushly is not a word.
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What is a tom?

The word Tom is a name of a person. It is a well known boy name.
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